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Sonali Cargo Logistics (Pvt.) Limited

The company was established to carry on cargo transportation and handling business rendering cargo movement logistics and other related services at any or stages of import and export business. The company will carry on and run the business of container Terminal, Bulk Cargo Terminal, Internal Container Depot, Container Freight Station, Warehouses and to render storage, Handling, Carrying and transportation services in connection therewith facilities of storage of empty containers, repairing of the damaged one and business of Real Estate in bulk quantity of land.

Estimated cost of the project


BDT. 12,560 Million

Name of the product


Carrying of cargo



100 persons.

Annual Turnover


BDT 1 Billion



Cargo movement logistics logistic and other related services of import and export business companies and bulk quantity land user for implementation of heavy industry



05. 07. 2004