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Fatehabad Agro Farm is established to do plantation in the hilly, un cropped lands of the country for planting rubber, seasonal fruits, such as Orange, Mango, Guava, Jackfruits, Pineapple etc. and other economically valued plants round the year adopting modern technology with all logistics equipments. Our agro farm will consists with all infrastructural facilities with full of economically valued trees like Teak, Gargan, Saal, Koroi etc. to meet the demand as import substitute of wood logs from different countries.

Name of the Product


Fishing, Agriculture and Forestry



200 persons



General People




Area of land


354 Acres

Target project to cover in the area of land


(1) Agro Farms
(2) Plots (Residential & Commercial
(3) Commercial establishment
(4) Utilities & Service facilities