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Mohammed Saiful Alam (S. Alam) initiated these processes and he is the founder of the group as well as now the position of Chairman and Managing Director of the Group. He is also Chairman of the First Security Islami Bank Ltd. and Reliance Finance Limited, Director of Northern General Insurance Co. Ltd. Since inception owner group’s dedication in the business was very effective. Initially Mr. Alam started and subsequently his nearest and dearest capable relatives have entered in the group business and administration. In course of selection of key personnel and executive there have no such reference of nepotism and always took opportune decision not only in employment, but also in business selection. Now the group has been serving by a group of professionals (local and foreign) consisting of experienced Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Cost and Management Accountants, M.B.A. Lawyers, HR professionals. Manpower turnover in the group is negligible for having good and dynamic HR policies in the Group.

In the long Journey of the Group, the owners and management got vast experience in selective categorized in trading commercially then small scale industries, then medium scale industries and now a days implemented or under process large scale Industries by the efficient, highly qualified, experienced and dynamic management in both side of owners and employment. Management’s experience also brought all of the sectors in the Group under one roof soliciting their best efforts.

On consideration of above historical business record more than two decades Group’s future Projection maybe summarized as below:

  1. As the group has been operating a Public Limited Company of one heavy industrial project, Listed with two stock exchanges, has intension for listing more companies.
  2. As the Group’s concentration is to investment in different sectors including Steel, Cement, Vegetable Oils, Power Generation, P.P. Bag, and Hatchery and expand of its backward linkage, this operation will be continued to ensure sustain ability of the existing projects and develop in the same line by expanding through establishment its backward linkage as well as finding diversified use of the same. On the ground now company has also been working to establish a Hot Strip project either on partnership base or joint venture by spending about twenty two billion BDT (USD 3 Billion).
  3. The management has also establishing additional Sugar Refinery, Power Plant 6 MW and 17 MW, Non Oxide Furnace Galvanizing line and such will come in to operation by 2011.
  4. As management found a lucrative avenue of export sector especially in textile sector, company has also a plan to entrance their investment in spinning of Textile Sector.
  5. The group also owned numbers of investment in developed land property usable for Industrial, Commercial and housing; in this respect the group also has a plan to enter in to real estate projects on these land properties.
  6. While analyzing the expansion record of the group, It is found that always taken an opportune decision for implementation of new projects having new concept. On that view now has been endeavoring to take a greater part to make solution of the power crisis in the country by implementation an independent power plants in large scale as per Government policies.
  7. To materialize all of these projection and plan, company must hire concern experience, dynamic, efficient and educated personnel through creation of proper employment to lead in the market of the concern sectors.
  8. Industrialization in the country, create more employment skilled, semi skilled and unskilled through proper utilization of country’s assets.