For over 27 years, S. Alam Group has been committed to the self-reliance for company, community and country by its quality products and services reach out to the people of Bangladesh. Its products C.I Sheets, Color coated Iron sheet, Cement, Vegetable oil, C.R Coil, Soya Seed extraction, Public Transport, Gas Refueling Station, P.P Woven Bags, Shrimp Hatchery, Refined sugar, Agro farms, Natural gas, heavy oil, furnace oil and other based power generation plant, Real Estate, Hotels & Resorts, Import and Trading of commercial items, storage service of crude oils etc. play a key role in economic growth of Bangladesh, being import substitute, social responsibility growing and its development.

S. Alam Group has a target investment and has concentration in specialized investment in large power projects under joint venture and / independent participation in economic structural development etc.

The S. Alam Group enjoys a dominant position in all the fields in which it operates. The annual turnover of group is over BDT. 140.00 Billion (USD 2.00 Billion). Its fixed assets after commissioning the projects under implementation shall reach to BDT.198.61Billion (USD 2.84 Billion). The group employs about 7000 people.

The group’s flagship all of the companies in Bangladesh are most popular, respected and admired.

S. Alam Group also has investment in banking, leasing, Insurance, Stock Broker Houses, Merchant Banking business.