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S. Alam Vegetable Oil Limited.

Edible Oil is the essential commodity for daily needs for every cooking. In the sense of providing good quality edible oil to the consumers we feel to meet the demand as well as to fulfill a best quality product. Our products are moreover an acceptable goods and best one in the market that we are un compromised about quality Vegetable Oils products, Refined Soybean Oil, Refined Oil and at a very reasonable price.

Name of the Product : Refined Soybean Oil, Refined Palm Oil
Technical Specification : Refined Soybean Oil
    Impurities & moisture contain: Less than 0.05%
    Insuable matter : Nil
    Soap contain : Nil
    Free fatty acid : 0.05~0.08%
    Acid value : 0.16%
    Un-Saponifiable matter : 0.8%
    Refractive Index : at 40oc 1.4668
    Refractive density : at 20oc 0.922
    Iodine value : 132
    Saponification value : 194
    Copper : Nil
    Leap (Pb) : Nil
    Arsenic : Nil
    Per-oxide value : Nil
Capacity of the Plant : 120 M. Ton per day
Manpower : 87 persons
Annual Turnover : BDT 5 Billion
Prospector/Consumers/Users : As the product is consumable for each and every people of the Country has been selected as consumer of this products.
Source of raw material : Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina
Technology : Cimbriasket, Germany
Established : 26-06-2000