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Long ago, when the human thinks that, they need of shelter, since the time they have started to make shelter either by leafs and lived in the cave. Those shelters were very short period about one year, subsequently gradually came the question of longevity and durability then development started and Corrugated Iron Sheet developed. Thereafter its demand increased geometrically throughout the world and in this region, which results continuous shortage and crisis. Then we ensure the quality products and import substitute C. I. Sheet and its product maintaining quality as International standard to the Middle and Lower class people of the Country at cheapest price.

Name of the Product : GP / CI Sheet

Technical Specification : Product range
Thickness 0.16 ~ .055 mm
Width 762 ~ 914 mm
C.I range 660mm ~ 812 mm
Capacity of the Plant : 200 m. Ton in 3 industrial units.
Manpower : 102 persons.
Annual Turnover : BDT 6.50 Billion
Source of raw material : Local, Australia, Japan, Korea, India
Technology : Japan Nagowaka Co. Ltd.
Established : 05-07-1995